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        In the WWDC 2016 video to Optimizie App Startup Time, it was suggested that you can merge frameworks to speed up start up times.


        Our iOS app has around 20 frameworks which a mix of Obj-C and Swift frameworks and the app start up time is around 3.5s. We need to bring it down significantly.


        I would like to know how can one merge dylibs. Say I have two 3rd party swift frameworks like Alamofire and SwiftyJSON. How would I merge these two swift frameworks and use it in my project?

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          I would like to know how can one merge dylibs.

          There isn’t a way to merge dynamic libraries once they’re built.  To produce a merged library you need to add the source for both libraries to a single dynamic library target.  This can be quite tricky depending on how the complex the built system is for each library.

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