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        cat json.txt | openssl smime -sign -inkey example.com.key -signer example.com.pem -certfile intermediate.pem -noattr -nodetach -outform DER > apple-app-site-association

        And I don't have the .pem and .key files and I don't know how to create it.

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          You typically get these credentials as part of setting up HTTPS on your web server.  In this example:

          • example.com.pem holds the certificate for your web server (issued by some trusted certificate authority (CA))

          • example.com.key holds the private key that matches the public key embedded in that certificate

          • intermediate.pem holds any intermediate certificates on the path from the example.com.pem leaf certificate to the CA’s trusted root certificate

          Keep in mind that you only need to sign the apple-app-site-association file if you want to support iOS 8.  In iOS 9 and later you can host a plaintext file on your HTTPS server and you’re done.  The Support Universal Links section of the App Search Programming Guide states as much:

          If your app runs in iOS 9 or later and you use HTTPS to serve the apple-app-site-association file, you can create a plain text file that uses the application/json MIME type and you don’t need to sign it.

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