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        1:My macOX app is now on sale now, but cannot be used,

        it doesn’t work at all, it cannot detect the device through ethernet or serial port, but if i remove the provision profile ,it works well, I infer the entitlement about the App sandbox may be error, after that,I use the utility tools named console app in Mac OS X System to listen to check it with the Guide help when digiMix utility start.

        by searching the key word “sandbox violation”, so it comes  two tips:

           - sandboxd  sandboxViolation:digiMix Utility(8775) deny file-read-data /dev/cu.usbserial  violation

           - sandboxd  sandboxViolation:digiMix Utility(8775) deny network-bind  violation

        I have attempted to a lot of ways to do,  and search the way  on google, but i cannot found a kosher way. the problem persist even.  Eventually  i don't know what i should do next step, could  andyone help me ?

        Any relevant tips will be appreciated. Thank you very much.