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        Hi there guys.

        I need to be able to have a button that, when it is clicked, it will telprompt.

        I need this as easy as possibly.

        Please just post the this i will need to put in the:


        @IBAction func callbutton(_ sender: Any) {



        and the steps required. I need it as easy as possible to explain. eg where to inject the code, where the main "block" of code should be. etc.

        I think I am using the swift language, because when i set it up it said language: swift.

        Just post if you need more info.


        Thanks guys,


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          eskimo Apple Staff Apple Staff (13,355 points)

          Reading your post I found it unclear as to what you’re trying to achieve here.  I suspect you’re looking to add a button to your app that, when tapped, kicks off a phone call.  If so you could do this by combined:

          • UIApplication’s openURL() method (or, better yet, its replacement, open(_:options:completionHandler:))

          • Foundation’s URL type, which can be constructed from a string

          • The tel: URL scheme, as defined in Apple URL Scheme Reference

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