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        Somehow my code signing certificates which I have been using for years became corrupted. Whatever, they are not correctly signing my apps. Looking at the certs in Keychain Access and using the Certificate Assistant to evalute each cert, I get the response "No root cert found". I visited the site suggested in Apple docs and downloaded 2 "root certificates". My keychain now includes "Apple Root CA" and "Apple Root Certificate Authority". However, I still get the "no root cert found" warning. How do I either DL the correct root certificates or get my system to recognize the root certs I have installed?

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          It’s hard to say for sure without more info, but my first guess is that you’re missing the Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certificate Authority intermediate certificate.

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                >My keychain now includes "Apple Root CA" and "Apple Root Certificate Authority".


            Does that mean they're the new ones? Not expired?


            If so, for the projects, involved, use Xcode's Product menu, then, with the option key pressed, select 'Clean Build Folder'. Confirm no errors in the navigator and go again.

            If they are expired, follow the link eskimo provided, delete the old ones via Keychain Access first, then install the new, then do an option-clean build folder.

            Good luck.