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        I have packet tunnel provider on iOS 9.3.1 with default routes


        let defaultRoute = NEIPv4Route.defaultRoute()


        It work perfectly, however when i have another device that connect to my iOS with personal hotspot.


        For some reason, the data that being processed does not passing through my VPN client, it seem it go through my 3G interface. It is weird cause my 3G interface goes through my packet tunnel provider.

        I also add local route for cause hotspot using that address range.


        let localHotspotRoute = NEIPv4Route.init(destinationAddress: "", subnetMask: "")
        newSettings.IPv4Settings?.includedRoutes = [defaultRoute,localRoute,localHotspotRoute]


        This is also does not work.


        Is there any setting that I can use, so that my packet tunnel provider work as default gateway on my iOS device ?