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        First off, this is my first post here, so I apoligize in advance if I'm not posting this in the most appropriate forum.


        I'm creating a content filter network extension.  Within the provisioning profile created by Apple Configurator 2, I can retrieve the various bits of information entered into the Content Filter pane of the profile editor within the configurator via code using the NEFilterManager.shared().providerConfiguration .  All except the password reference, that is.  I understand that it is actually a persistent password reference into the keychain.  Here is what I'm using to try to query for it, and I always come up with a status of -25300, i.e. errSecItemNotFound.  Here is a snippet of code, running from within the hosting app (not the data or control extensions, if that matters)

                // self.manager is NEFilterManager.shared()

                guard let cfg = self.manager.providerConfiguration

                    else {

                        NSLog("could not get config")

                        return nil


                guard let persistentReference = cfg.passwordReference

                    else {

                        NSLog("Could not get password reference")

                        return nil


                var result: String?

                var returnValue: AnyObject?

                let query: [NSObject: AnyObject] = [

                    kSecReturnData : kCFBooleanTrue,

                    kSecValuePersistentRef : persistentReference as AnyObject


                let status = SecItemCopyMatching(query as CFDictionary, &returnValue)


        I have tried this both with enabling keychaing sharing and with it disabled, and I get the same result either way.  Any thoughts?