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        I had compile a app with network extension for NEPacketTunnelProvider.

        I had already install my app on My iPad mini2 (9.3.5), I can see a VPN icon on settings interface.

        Once I start my VPN connection,MyPacketTunnelProvider process can't be started .

        Override the -(id)init on NEPacketTunnelProvider:

        -(id)init {

            self = [super init];// ERROR  is Here.,self is nil

            if(self) {



            else {


                KDClassLog(@"Initing tunnel failed...");


            return self;



        How to resolve this problem?

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          eskimo Apple Staff Apple Staff (13,355 points)

          // ERROR  is Here.,self is nil

          Well, that’s weird.  I don’t have any good ideas as to why this might be happening.  If you email me directly, I can send you something that might help you get past this.

          My email address is in my signature.  Make sure you reference this thread to remind me of the context.

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