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        I encountered a formatting problem during serialization of an object to JSON. Example code is


        do {
          let double = Double(1.23)
          let json = try JSONSerialization.data(withJSONObject: ["double" : double])
          print(String(data: json, encoding: .utf8)!)
        } catch {


        and the printed result on the command line is




        So directly printing the double value uses a "." as decimal point (wanted behavior) but serialized to JSON it is using a ",". To make it even more confusing, if I debug the code within Xcode I am getting a "." decimal point for JSON too.


        I tried changing the Locale in code, setting system settings to "." as decimal point, … all to no avail. Does anyone have an idea?

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          What platform are you targeting?  And if it’s macOS, what type of project?

          By way of reference, I changed my iOS simulator to German and it doesn’t reproduce the problem you’re seeing (both lines of output contain “1.23”).  Just to be sure I had the locale settings right, I added the following line of code and it prints “1,23”.

          print(NumberFormatter.localizedString(from: double as NSNumber, number: .decimal))

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