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        I'm aware of this thread: https://forums.developer.apple.com/thread/50106 But i'm still unclear what to do.


        We have to implement a VoIP application for our customer and are confused how to proceed. An End User needs to pick up a call initiated at a Video Door Station when somebody presses a door bel. In the infrastructure we have a local controller that forwards the SIP call to a cloud SIP server. This runs a script as part of its Dial Plan that sends the VoIP push notification and after that the SIP INVITE. iOS can wake up the app and now we have a connection.


        The App needs to keep the registration valid at the cloud SIP server valid by re-registering every 30 minutes. If invalidated, the SIP PBX will remove the registration details and phone will not receive any call or notification.


        Our question is: Should we use CallKit or Pushkit? And how do we keep this registration alive since VoIP background mode is deprecated.


        Hope anyone can point us in the right direction.



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          I’m not sure I understand your requirements here.  If you have a server on the Internet that generates VoIP push notifications in response to rings, why doesn’t it register with SIP server.  The goạl of the PushKit VoIP architecture is that it allows your app to receive calls without having to poll the network, which makes things more reliable and more power efficient.

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