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        I know this is a (somewhat vague) question -- but I need some websites (trust me, google is good but not that good to figure out the links to libraries/frameworks specific programming information).


        What I need:

        1) Some kind of link for a sample program or framework or library that will get the iOS app to communicate with a server (such as website or something)

        2) Some kind of link for information about how to configure your website/web service (that will respond to the iOS app's communication, and then do a database query on information -- I assume in SQL, which I understand -- and communicate something back to the iPhone app)


        I realize that this has been asked probably a bunch of times, but I'd give you a pretty big thanks for an average joe programmer looking to make a social iOS app.

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          There are many degrees of freedom here, so many that it’s hard to give advice that’s both concrete and reasonably brief.  Some questions:

          • Do you plan to run your own server infrastructure?  Or run your server on someone else’s infrastructure?

          • Are you forced to use a specific on-the-wire protocol?  Or are you intending to design that yourself?

          • Can you explain more about your app’s requirements?  I’m specifically interested in authentication (how do you intend to identify users to the server) and sharing (do users need to see just their own data, or just some global shared database, or mutable data shared with other users)?

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