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        I think that I am missing a step ...


        1. Create a new iOS project ... iOS Single View application; language:Swift, and Use Core Data,
        2. With the datamodel file, add an Entity 'MyTestEntity' with two attibutes, age (int64) and name (string)
        3. Editor Menu ... Create NSManagedObject Subclass... Next/Next/Create (boxes all ticked on the way through)
        4. Two files are created both with errors al over the place






        I can only assume that I have missed a step ... because I would not expect Xcode generated code to have errors ... unless it is looking for something that I have forgotten to do!



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          The simple answer here is that you don’t need step 2.  By default a new entity is set up so that Xcode manages all of its source code internally; you don’t need to create the .swift files via Editor > Create NSManagedObject Subclass.

          You can change this policy via the Codegen popup in the data model inspector but if you’re just getting started it’s easier to stick with the default.

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