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        #pragma mark -
        #pragma mark IBAction Methods
        - (IBAction)interfaceSelected:(id)sender
        self.currentInterface = [CWInterface interfaceWithName:[[supportedInterfacesPopup selectedItem] title]];
        [self updateInterfaceInfoTab];


        Please click on the link to see the full code. I just need an explanation of what "- (IBAction)interfaceSelected:(id)sender " method is doing.


        • Re: Can anybody help explain what the following method is
          eskimo Apple Staff Apple Staff (13,915 points)

          The first line gets a CWInterface object for the interfaces whose name is based on the current selection in the popup menu and assigns that to the currentInterface property.

          The second line calls the -updateInterfaceInfoTab method, which updates the UI based on the currentInterface property.

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