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        I have this protocol method in the XPC server:

        - (void)ping:(void (^)(NSString* reply))resultHandler;

        Then I connect to the XPC server:

        xpc.remoteObjectInterface = [NSXPCInterface interfaceWithProtocol:@protocol(I_LoginHelperProtocol)]
        _agent = [xpc remoteObjectProxyWithErrorHandler:^(NSError *error) {
                MyLog(@"XPC error: %@", error);

        Then I call the ping method (or other methods) on the agent:

        _agent ping:^(NSString *reply) {
                [_appLog log:@"LoginHelper Agent ping reply: %@ in thread %@", reply, [NSThread currentThread]];

        My questions is - is it guaranteed that the reply handler is always dispatched in one single thread, or is it possible for XPC service to spawn a new thread to service the request?

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          eskimo Apple Staff Apple Staff (13,945 points)

          You’re asking about threads when you should be asking about queues.  NSXPCConnection replies are always delivered on a specific serial queue internal to the connection.  There’s a comment in <Foundation/NSXPCConnection.h> that says as much:

          Each NSXPCConnection instance has a private serial queue. This queue is used when sending messages to reply handlers, interruption handlers, and invalidation handlers.

          Which thread runs blocks posted to that queue is not specified.

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