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        Does anyone know what this error code means? It's not listed in LSInfo.h. I get this error when trying to launch my app from my installer's post-install script (as a convenience for my users). The installation succeeds and I can manually launch the app both from the Finder and with "open" from the CLI and I can run from Xcode with no problems. Previous versions of the app & installer have worked fine - the main change in this version is that I replaced calls to AuthorizationExecuteWithPrivileges with XPC calls to a helper tool that my app installs with SMJobBless. This all works fine in standalone mode and all my unit tests pass.


        One more bit of info: if I reset my test VM to a clean state, the installation succeeds and the app is launched as expected. However, if I install again (to simulate an update), I get the -10699 error. It must have something to do with my helper tool, but what?


        Many thanks in advance for any insights,


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          Error -10699 is a private error (kLSAppIsBeingUpdatedErr) that indicates that the app can’t be lauched because it is currently being updated.  I’m not sure why you’re getting that in the circumstances you’ve described.

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