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        I'm trying to use UILocalizedIndexCollation's sector(for:collationStringSelector:) method. My 'for' is simply a String, and so I'm not sure what #selector() to pass in so that I just get the string itself back.

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          eskimo Apple Staff Apple Staff (13,345 points)

          You want to use the Objective-C -self method.  Getting this is a bit tricky.  This will work:

          let s = "self"
          let section = col.section(for: "Foo", collationStringSelector: Selector(s))

          There might be a better way but I couldn’t find one that works and doesn’t generate any warnings.  Perhaps someone else will chime in.

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            What does that string represent (title?) & what will you do w/it once you get it back?


            It may be the method you've shown isn't your best friend...