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        I'm profiling my code using the time profiler XCode 8. It's an iOS app and the code is a mix of Objective-C and C++.


        After finishing the profiling session I switch to the "source code" view which shows the actual sourcecode and how many hits each line of code has received. Strangely enough, some of my 'hottest' lines of code are //remarks and #define lines.


        This can't be right, so is there something I need to do in order to properly use this view?

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          grzywacz Apple Staff Apple Staff (140 points)

          Is this in C++ files? There are some known issues that make address to source line attribution...problematic.

          If it is code you are willing to share (or write a smaller example of), you could file a radar and attach the project, the compiled binary, dSYM, and Instruments trace, along with a description of the problematic source files.