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        Hello Folks,

        I am facing problem that Apple SimpleFTP code working fine for below ios 9.0, when i set target to 9.0 and compile code i can see that there are allmort all property of NSInputStream is deperecated.


        [self.networkStream setProperty:kCFBooleanFalse forKey:(id)kCFStreamPropertyFTPUsePassiveMode];

        and warning says that use NSURLSession for ftp request.


        but in NSURLSession there is no support / alternet for kCFStreamPropertyFTPUsePassiveMode


        it will be helpful if i can get alternate of kCFStreamPropertyFTPUsePassiveMode which supports ios 9.0 and above.





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          If you’re serious enough about FTP to want to support active mode, you should probably write (or acquire) your own FTP library.  Apple’s FTP APIs are quite limited:

          • NSURLSession has very basic FTP support, primarily designed for anonymous downloads.  Certainly there’s no way get NSURLSession into active mode.

          • As you’ve noticed, CFFTPStream was officially deprecated years ago.  Even if it weren’t, CFFTPStream is not exactly a full-featured FTP library.

          For more background to this, see this post.

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