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        I have use the NEunnelProvider to Connect VPN successfully. But I have something eles. and now I just confugure iPv4Setting inforrmation in my code only, But i don't clear about is this support ipv4? or what can i do to let me implement the function that both connect VPN and let my app support ipv6? is there anything that i configure ipv4setting to support ipv4 or configure ipv6setting to support ipv6? need your help!

        if i need to configure ipv6setting to support ipv6, what and how can i do for it? and can you tell me some necessary network param to configure ipv6settings ?


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          I’m having a hard time parsing your question, alas.  Let’s start with something fundamental, namely, what is your specific concern here:

          • Providing IPv6 connectivity for your VPN, that is, passing IPv6 through the tunnel?

          • Providing VPN connectivity over IPv6, that is, using IPv6 for the tunnel?

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