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        I need my iOS 10 device to connect to another special purpose network device which has built in wifi via link local ip address. (169.254.x.x) My special purpose device does not have internet access. In the iPad (wifi only), settings, I use connection via static configuration and it does not get connected and my app is not able to connect to my special purpose device.

        The issue is explained in detail in the below link and I don't see any solution yet. Any help on this is highly appreciated.


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          iOS is quite capable of talking to devices on a Wi-Fi network that does not provide IP infrastructure (like DHCP).  The presence of the exclamation point in Settings > Wi-Fi does not preclude networking over the Wi-Fi interface.  The only major restriction is that you have to manually join the Wi-Fi network; iOS won’t auto join a ‘broken’ network like this.

          As to what’s actually going wrong, it’s hard to say based on the info presented so far.  My recommendation is as follows:

          • Call getifaddrs to confirm that the Wi-Fi interface is up and has the correct address assigned

          • Try connecting to your device, using an RVI packet trace to see what’s happening on the ‘wire’

          For information about RVI packet traces, see QA1176 Getting a Packet Trace.

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