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        I have an UITableView that does not reload data on arm64 devices. The tableview loads data when the app is first launched but subsequent reloads don't load data. The same app version works on armv7s devices. The interesting thing is when I attach a arm64 device to XCode to debug, the table view reloads the data. If I delete the app and run the app again without XCode, the tableview does not reload.

        I am able to verify through logs that the following delegate methods for tableview are called after [self.tableView reloadData]. However the table does not update in the UI.

        - numberOfSectionsInTableView

        - numberOfRowsInSection

        - scrollViewDidScroll

        - cellForRowAtIndexPath


        This is what I have narrowed it down to. If I compile with arm64 support in Build Settings, the table view does not refresh on arm64 devices. If I remove arm64 from build settings, the tableview does refresh, however I can't upload to App Store because it is not 64 bit enabled.


        Has anyone else seen this type of behavior or could point me to anything that could be causing this?