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        I have a public/private key pair in raw format. e.g. all I have is the big integers, but no format. I am looking for a way to implement those keys into iOS 10 with Swift 3. Can someone point me in the right direction


        Thanks, I appreciate that.




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          Presumably you’re talking about an RSA key.  If so, you’ll have to massage those big integers into PKCS#1 format, at which point you can import the key using SecKeyCreateWithData.  iOS does not provide any infrastructure for doing this massage, so you can either:

          • Write or acquire your own general-purpose ASN.1 library, and have that do the massage for you

          • Write some small special-purpose ASN.1 code for this

          Or, better yet, change the source of this key — which presumably has a full-featured crypto toolbox — to send you PKCS#1 data.

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