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        If any wifi connection is established after WPA2 authentication, then the password remains in memory of the iPhone and the network remains a known network without any limit on the number of days. However, if the network connectivity is made using EAP-TLS mode and identity is taken from a profile downloaded and installed on the iPhone, then it is seen that the network does not remain a known network after 1-2 days. In this scenario the user has to intervene to select the same network again manually and click "Trust" button for the profile to authenticate and connect to the network. This requirement of having to click for trusting the profile to connect to the same network at the same location is happening randomly and intermittently after 1-2 days. This is even though the the network connection has been made once earlier using the same profile and the connection is required to be made using the same profile and with the same wifi network. This problem is not faced by Android based phones while connecting to the same network and at the same location- thus this problem is not a network issue. Further, this problem is faced by all users at the same location on different iPhone devices- thus this problem is not an issue with a specific iPhone device. This problem is also faced by any iPhone at all similar networks which use EAP-TLS mode with a profile for authentication-thus this problem is not due to any particular wifi network. This problem is also not faced by iPhone while connecting to any wifi network through WPA2 or using any other authentication mode which does not use a profile- thus this problem appears to be due to iOS configuration of keeping a network as a known network in its memory. It does not occur if the connection has been established once on a day. However this problem recurs randomly and intermittently after a disconnect from wifi network connection with an interim gap of 1-2 days.


        Steps to Reproduce:

        1. Open Settings

        2. Open WiFi

        3. Select a network out of the available ones

        4. Click Mode> EAP-TLS

        5. Move back. Click Identity

        6. Select the installed profile for authentication

        7. Move back. Click Join.

        8. It connects.

        9. Disconnect from the wifi network

        10. Switch of WiFi for that day either from iPhone or from the WiFi router

        11. Switch on WiFi router and the iPhone WiFi the next day.

        12. The connection to the earlier connected wifi network does not happen without manual intervention of Trusting the profile.

        Expected Results: The WiFi network connection through EAP-TLS mode which requires profile for authentication should remain a known network even after any number of days of break in network connectivity. Accordingly, if the connection has been established atleast once, it should happen automatically when the same network is detected by the iPhone after any number of days of break.

        Actual Results: The WiFi network with which a connection has been established once, does not remain a known network after a break in network connectivity for 1-2 days. The user has to intervene manually and click Trust on the Profile which is used for authentication to the network almost every time after a break of 1-2 days of network connectivity.

        Version: iOS 10.1.1 (build 14b150)