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        I'm trying to have this fixed. It's clearly a bug. I've already submited a bug report (28904764) and a Radar, but never had any bugs closed and fixed. They just stay there indefinitely in the bug report portal. So, maybe some exposure will help?


        I tried to isolate the issue:


        This works:


        if let parser = XMLParser(contentsOf: feedURL) { 
             print("Got instance \(parser)") 


        This does not:


        class Parser: XMLParser { } 
        if let parser = Parser(contentsOf: feedURL) { 
             print("Got instance \(parser)") 


        It's clean project, with nothing but those lines of code. The issue appears to happen only to subclasses of the XMLParser.


        Can we ger a fix for this?

        • Re: XMLParser crashes when trying to parse a feed URL offline
          eskimo Apple Staff Apple Staff (13,915 points)

          You should look at this thread.  To summaries:

          • It does indeed like this this is a bug in how Swift’s XMLParser interacts with the Objective-C NSXMLParser.  Thanks for filing a bug about that.

          • Most folks don’t notice this because most folks don’t subclass XMLPaser (or NSXMLParser, for that matter) but instead use it via its delegate, which is what I recommend you do.

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