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        I have couple of questions with regards to ATS requirements that I haven't been able to find answer to:

        1. When will ATS enforcement upon app submission kick in?
          • I have just seen a news post about preparing for app submissions and updates during the holiday season and I haven't seen any mentions of ATS
        2. Assuming that many apps will rely on exemptions in the early stages of ATS, is there a way to get the app reviewed with ATS in mind before the enforcement kicks in? Ie. If I have app ready with ATS enabled and exemption dicitionary defined, can I get the early feedback if the app will be accepted once ATS is enforced.
        3. What will be the grace period to update already submitted apps that don't have ATS enabled after the ATS is enforced?




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          All of your questions relate to App Review’s policy and processes, which isn’t something I can comment on.  Historically, announcements in this space get posted to the News and Updates page, so I suggest you monitor that (it even has an RSS feed).

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