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        I'm trying to implement a coreData class to handle all the database queries - The problem is that I'm getting an error saying that "value of type 'dataModel' has no member 'context'  which is on line 15


        My current code is:

        import UIKit
        import CoreData
        class dataModel: NSObject {
            override init() {
                let appDelegate = UIApplication.shared.delegate as! AppDelegate
                let context = appDelegate.persistentContainer.viewContext
                let request = NSFetchRequest<NSFetchRequestResult>(entityName: "Item")
                request.returnsObjectsAsFaults = false
            func findItems() {
                do {
                    let results = try self.context.fetch(self.request)
                    if results.count > 0 {
                        for result in results {
                            if let itemID = result.objectWithID(id) as? Item {
                            if let itemName = result.value(forKey: "title") as? String {
                            if let itemDesc = result.value(forKey: "content") as? String {
                } catch {
                    print("APP: Error getting data \(error.localizedDescription)")


        I think I'm in the right direction, just can't seem to get this area to work.


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          eskimo Apple Staff Apple Staff (13,325 points)

          I’m not sure how you’re expecting this to work but I suspect that the problem here is line 6.  This declares a local constant context, whose scope does not extend because the initialiser in which it’s contained.  Thus, line 15 can’t access self.context.

          If you want context to be a constant property of dataModel, you’ll need to declare things like this:

          class dataModel … {
              override init() {
                  self.context = …
              let context: NSManagedObjectContext

          ps In Swift, type names begin with a capital, so dataModel should be DataModel.

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