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          I am in Law Enforcement and had an idea. This may not be new to Dev but I just had to join and add my 2 cents. Currently the Find my Iphone App is a great tool for locating your phone, Ipad or Mac. Even your children if need be. However, being in Law Enforcement it has been very helpful in recovery of stolen IOS devices. With that being said, the criminals are all wise to find my iphone and immediatly power the device down and we cannot live track the individuals. Therefore I am requesting the Dev team consider my recomendation if they have not already.


          I would like to see Dev team create an option you can turn on and off that will prompt for password at device power down. If this feature is on it would be detrimental in locating a stolen IOS device. It would eliminate the oppertunity for the criminal to power down the device, thus giving Law Enforcement a larger window to track and take appropriate action.


        Thank you for any consideration

        Dea7hVypeR / LEO

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          DevForums is not an official Apple support channel and thus not the right place for requesting features like this.  I recommend you start by filing an enhancement request describing what you’d like to see.  Beyond that, I don’t have any good suggestions for how to escalate this; I honestly don’t know if Apple has a dedicated escalation path for law enforcement requests.

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