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        I have to implement runtime localization since the language isnt in the device languages, I created a view in navigation controller, when i update locale, all the screens are updated, else this view of navigationcontroller that is only awakes from nib never called again,
        i want it to refresh all the labels only.
        I have created a custom label class that sets NSlocalizedtext to that label class elements.
        but it it only affects when application starts..

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          In general, we recommend that you avoid doing your own localisation infrastructure.  For an explanation as to why, see this post.

          If you choose to do this anyway, you will definitely end up needing a bunch of extra code.  There’s two basic strategies you could use:

          • Subclass the common UI elements and have those subclasses talk to your localisation infrastructure to decide what to display

          • Have your localisation infrastructure ‘reach in’ to the on-screen UI to fix up the localisation

          All of this will require you to work against, rather than with, the frameworks, and you will encounter problems you can’t solve.  Hence the recommendation with which I started this response.

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