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        Hi ,


        I have a method retruning boolean value, buy I use block in this method to do network.


        And I just want to return true or false in this block.


        But I couldnt because there is a error as below.


        Return type 'int' must match previous return type 'void' when block literal has unspecified explicit return type


        oh.. any way to solve those problem ?



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          Presumably you have code like this:

          BOOL (^b)(int someParam);
          b = ^(int someParam){
              return someParam > 0;

          and are getting this error on line 3.  The issue here is that someParam > 0 is of type int, so the inferred type of the block is int (^)(int), which is not compatible with the type of b, that is, BOOL (^)(int).

          There are two ways to fix this.  First, you could force the type of the block:

          b = ^BOOL(int someParam){
              return someParam > 0;

          Alternatively, you could force the type that you return so that the type of the block in inferred correctly:

          b = ^(int someParam){
              return (BOOL) (someParam > 0);

          IMPORTANT In this second case I added some parens so that the cast applies to the whole result, not to just someParam.

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