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        We have an app that is integrated with a mediation network. We end up showing ads through AdMob, Facebook Audience Network and some other ad networks. Due to the recent changes announced by Apple in the ATS configuration, I have a question. The Mediation network SDK has disabled ATS using the key  NSAllowsArbitraryLoads : Boolean in the app's info.plist file. This is because the mediation network has certain non-secure connections that can't be excluded via exceptions. For example, when an app user clicks on the ad which has an external HTTP link to the advertiser's website. So ATS is disabled.


        I want to know if the app will be rejected post December 2016 because ATS is disabled.

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          To start, let’s be clear that there are two parts to any ATS question:

          • how to make things work technically

          • App Review policy

          From a technical perspective, NSAllowsArbitraryLoads is really heavy hammer, disabling ATS for all your requests made by all subsystems within your process.  I encourage you to look at the requests actually being made by your app and try to reduce the scope of your ATS exceptions.

          From an App Review perspective, I don’t work for App Review and can’t give definitive answers on their behalf.  My App Transport Security pinned post has references to the information that App Review has published about this policy change.

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