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        Hi ,


        I have a string value (actually html code) , and it dose have too many " <- this quotation.


        So, if I write that string code like a way ,  var a : String = "sdfsdfdsfdsfsdfdsf", it dose not work.


        (because it looks like "sadas"dsfs"vdssd"vsdvdsv"sdsdfg"" like this.


        It is hard to input someting like \"  manually , because a value is dynamic.


        Any way to do this in swift ?

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          Any way to do this in swift ?

          Not directly.  Support for more advanced forms of quoting is something that regularly crops up on swift-evolution.  There’s a general consensus that it’s important but there isn’t yet a plan in place to address it.

          I generally deal with this issue in one of two ways:

          • For small chunks of text, I use search and replace to add the quotes.

          • For large chunks of text, I put the text in a separate .html document in my bundle and then load that programmatically.

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