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        The current situation:


        1. App Store reviews are critical to the success of an app, especially an indie app.

        2. EVERY SIGNLE APP uses the same framework to say "Rate this app on the app store"  ie iRate.  Literally.  It's crazy.


        What we need is a MUCH LESS intrusive way of quickly rating an app and leaving a review WITHOUT leaving the app.  Something like a the GameKit offers for achievements and leaderboards.


        If you support this, how can we get Apple to incorporate this into iOS.  We've already got StoreKit, so why not an extension, something like


        StoreKit.AppReviewController  (AppReviewViewController?)


        This is so urgent, it's ridiculous.  And while we're at it, what about a more customizable In App purchase experience, like an AlertSheet rather than a dialog box, etc...