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        NEVPNManager how to keep tunnel alive for 24 hours. In my case Tunnel comes down every 55 minutes when connected to a VPN port.I am just trying to keep the tunnel active as long as possible.


        This my configiration


                    NEVPNProtocolIPSec *protocalConfigurationIPSec = [[NEVPNProtocolIPSec alloc] init];

                    protocalConfigurationIPSec.username = "user name";

                    protocalConfigurationIPSec.passwordReference = passwordReference;

                    protocalConfigurationIPSec.serverAddress = @"ipaddress";

                    protocalConfigurationIPSec.authenticationMethod = NEVPNIKEAuthenticationMethodSharedSecret;

                    protocalConfigurationIPSec.sharedSecretReference = sharedSecretReference;

                    protocalConfigurationIPSec.localIdentifier = @"userGroup"

                    protocalConfigurationIPSec.remoteIdentifier = @"mobile"

                    protocalConfigurationIPSec.useExtendedAuthentication = YES;

                    protocalConfigurationIPSec.disconnectOnSleep = NO;


                    [manager setOnDemandEnabled:NO];

                    [manager setLocalizedDescription:@"VPN"];

                    manager.enabled = true;


        how to pass keeplive to the vpn server.