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        How do I pass a file url or path, to a script potentially placed in my app's NSApplicationScriptsDirectory?


        I admit I haven't used Applescripts much. Normally I'm able to write what I what to do in regular ObjC but it seems scripting is the only way to achieve what I'm after here. So I drop a script in my apps app script directory and do:


        NSURL *urlToPassToScript = //...
        NSAppleEventDescriptor *event = [NSAppleEventDescriptor descriptorWithString:urlToPassToScript.path];
        NSUserAppleScriptTask *task = [[NSUserAppleScriptTask alloc]initWithURL:script error:&error];
        [task executeWithAppleEvent:event
                          completionHandler:^(NSAppleEventDescriptor * _Nullable result,
                                              NSError * _Nullable error)
                    NSLog(@"Error: %@",error);


        I get:

        NSLocalizedFailureReason=/usr/bin/osascript: input data for -E was not an event


        So what's the proper way to pass a script an argument?

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          I haven’t looked into this in detail but it would seem that NSUserAppleScriptTask is expecting an event descriptor rather than a data descriptor.  You’d construct that with +appleEventWithEventClass:eventID:targetDescriptor:returnID:transactionID:.  The event class and ID are then mapped to a handler to call within your script.  In this case you probably want kCoreEventClass and kAEOpenDocuments respectively, which translates to the AppleScript on open handler.  For example:

          on open docList
              set docCount to count of docList
              display dialog "count = " & docCount
          end open

          You supply the list of things to open via the keyDirectObject parameter, which you set via -setParamDescriptor:forKeyword:.

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              Thanks a lot for responding with this helpful information. I was able to get it to work after playing with it a bit. My script had an on run function:

              on run argv
              end run


              This worked fine when running the script from terminal using osascript, but I wasn't able to get this to work calling it from ObjC. After changing on run to on open I was able to get this to work.


              int pid = [NSProcessInfo processInfo].processIdentifier;
              NSAppleEventDescriptor *targetDescriptor = [NSAppleEventDescriptor
              NSAppleEventDescriptor *appleEventDescriptor = [NSAppleEventDescriptor
              NSAppleEventDescriptor *list = [[NSAppleEventDescriptor alloc]initListDescriptor];
              [list insertDescriptor:[NSAppleEventDescriptor descriptorWithString:path] atIndex:1];
              [appleEventDescriptor setParamDescriptor:list forKeyword:keyDirectObject];
              //pass appleEventDescriptor to the task in when calling executeWithAppleEvent:completionHandler:


              How would you call a function with an arbitrary name, or is that not supported? The header file of NSAppleEventDescriptor and documentation seems a little hard to piece together.



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              I see Apple forum software is still utterly broken and incompetent.