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        I have to check whether app is running in jailbreak device, is there any safest way to check it without App-Store rejection.

        Any help would be appreciate.


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          eskimo Apple Staff Apple Staff (6,490 points)

          There’s no supported way to detect jailbroken phones.

          My recommendation here is that you not attempt to do this because:

          • unsupported techniques are… well… unsupported

          • such techniques can cause problems with App Review

          • such techniques tend to be brittle, that is, they break as the OS evolves; this causes two problems:

            • false positives
            • crashes, or other failures

            both of which annoy your legitimate users

          • it puts you into an arms race with your attackers; if lots of apps use a specific check, the attackers will patch that check

          It is better, IMO, to spend your time adding features that help you legitimate users.

          Oh, one last thing: as jailbreak detection is not supported, it’s not an appropriate topic for DevForums.  I’m happy to discuss it in general terms but let’s not stray into the specific technicalities, eh?

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