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        I'm trying to build a debug version of my app with NEHotspotHelper enabled.  I can't seem to manage it however.  Xcode will not generate an automatic profile with this special entitlement and I can't seem to do it on the Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles section of the member centre.  I have managed to create a Distribution profile with the entitlement and run the app.  The wifi annotation is showing up so it looks like everything is working fine there.


        I have been through the "Entitlements Troubleshooting" page and the "Debugging Entitlement Issues" thread.  The issue is definitly the Development profile.  I assume I have to make one manually since Xcode has no idea about special entitlements but there is no "Do you need additional entitlements" page when making a Development profile.


        Also it won't compile if I don't codesign. Please help!


        TLDR: How do I manually make a profile with get-task-allow and com.apple.developer.networking.HotspotHelper





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          I assume I have to make one manually since Xcode has no idea about special entitlements …


          When we grant Network Extension special entitlements we always grant it for both Development and Distribution profiles, or at least we should.  If the special entitlement page shows up when you create a Distribution profile but does not show up when you create a Development one, something has gone wrong with that process.  Please follow up via the email thread through which you were granted these entitlements; Cc my individual email address (you can find it in my signature) so that I can take a look myself.

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