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        In ny app I have to switch between two viewcontroller.


        On the second viewcontroller I have three container views.


        If I make a Segue in Interface Builder  the transition is smooth but I cannot make it slide from right or slide from left.


        If I use code instead to make the transition I can make slide from right or slide from left, but i does not look good.

        It starts to slide, den suddently in the middle of the transition the new view(first container is shown)


        Is it possible to add a slide from right transition in the Interface Builder Segue?

        Or is it possible in code to make the transition smotth as an segue?


        This is how I make transition in Swift code:


                let vc = self.storyboard?.instantiateViewController(withIdentifier: "MyControllerName")
               let transition = CATransition()
               transition.duration = 0.4
               transition.type = kCATransitionPush
               transition.subtype = kCATransitionFromRight
                view.window!.layer.add(transition, forKey: "transition")
                present(vc!, animated: false, completion: nil)


        I hope someone can help me!