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        My app allows the user to import a PKCS8 private key to use in the application which I will store in the keychain. The problem I am running into is how to handle the senario where the private key they want to use is already in the keychain. When I run this code


        OSStatus err = SecItemImport((__bridge CFDataRef)keyData, NULL, &inputFormat, &itemType, kSecItemPemArmour, &importParameters, keychain, &items);


        It is returning to me errSecDuplicateItem which is correct.


        I need a way to reference that key in my application so how would I go about finding that duplicate?

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          This speaks to the question of keychain item uniqueness.  I’ve discussed this before in the context of the iOS-style keychain.  I don’t actually know how it works for the traditional Mac keychain but my guess is that it’s in a very similar way.  To that end, when you import the key for the first time, what do you get back for kSecAttrApplicationLabel and kSecAttrApplicationTag?

          ps If you’re not familiar with the iOS-style vs traditional Mac keychain dichotomy, check out this post, which explains some background to this.

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              I think this may have been a dumb question on my part. I am trying to figure out what to do with my app if the user trys to import a key for my application to use that is already in the keychain and is unknown to my application. When I am testing this senario I am generating the key using SecKeyGeneratePair in my app (and not setting kSecAttrApplicationLabel or kSecAttrApplicationTag) and then exporting it. So when I try to import that key it is already in the keychain. I think this senario may be an edge case so I will ignore this senario for now.