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        I am trying to create my own Airplay server,  that will allow me to mirror (and record) the screen of Airplay devices to my new server. I have found quite a bit of information on the Airplay protocol,  and I thought I had a good handle on what I needed to do to create the server.  I created an HTTP server to receive / respond to messages from the iOS device.  I also created a Bonjour server that has (I think)  all needed configuration entries for my new Airplay server.  I tried using a Bonjour browser,  and verified that the Bonjour entries for my new server are being detected, and that my Bonjour configuration entires look exactly like an AppleTV Airplay server.  The problem is…  the iOS device (an iPad) is not detecting my Airplay server.  Anyone have any idea why the iOS device wouldn't detect my Airplay server,  or the location of any specific documentation on how iOS devices detect Airplay servers????

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          I have two bits of bad news here:

          • The AirPlay protocols are not documented for third-party use.

          • DevForums is not the right place to discuss reverse engineering Apple stuff.


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