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        I'm getting this issue, in fact two of them..


        I had 2 Apple ID's which I thought was real clever in the first place. That is a tidied up now, but Im still lef with this issue notification in the Buildtime bar:



        Ambiguous reference to member 'dataTask(with:completionHandler:)'


        Thank you,



        (first time in the Forum )

        • Re: What is this issue in xcode? Ambiguous reference to member 'dataTask(with:completionHandler:)' . Thank you.
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          (first time in the Forum)


          One gotcha with DevForums is that it looks like it will let you post images, and then just fails to show the images.  We’re tracking this as (r. 22028729) but it doesn’t look like it’ll get fixed any time soon )-:

          If you really need to post an image, upload it to some other site and post a link here.  That’ll require moderator approval, but that’s easy.

          However, in this case you’d be better off posting the text of the error.  You can get that from Xcode’s report navigator (View > Navigators > Show Report Navigator).  If you can post that and a snippet of the code triggering the issue, we can take things from there.

          Also, when you post fixed-format text (like code snippets), use the code block icon in the editor (shown as <>) to format them nicely.

          Finally, when posting about compile-time errors it’s helpful to include information about your development environment.  Specifically, with Swift code it’s critical to say which version of Xcode you’re using, because Swift is evolving at a rapid rate.

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