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        I would really like to turn on Universal Links for our app, but our SEO team keeps preventing us from doing it. They say, they need to know where traffic is coming from. For example, when a user opens Google in Safari and finds our URL, and taps it, they want to know he came from Google.


        (Btw. Our app is a wrapper for a website, however with features not available to mobile web users - not sure if that is relevant.)


        Is there any way in iOS to get a URL, or any other traffic source information at all, that would allow us to track where app users are coming from?

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          Not unless you can encode that into your URLs that wind up showing up in Google results.  There is no referrer information passed to an application when a universal link is activated.  If this is important to your use case, please do file a bug report and include details of what you're looking to do.