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        "Family Sharing: Ask To Pay" Is there an API to access this functionality?


        My girlfriend and I both use Windows 10 mobile devices, but her little daughter uses iOS based devices (she loves my old iPad) and now she's old enough for a phone we'd like to get her an iPhone, to date she's been using my old iPad and the couple of Apple TV's I have with my account, but if she's moving up to a phone of her own it seemed the sensible option to now set her up her own Apple ID under family sharing for that phone, so she could still have access to all the content she and we have amassed over the years. but also obviously as she's only 9 we would still like some controls in place but also allow her a bit more freedom, so we thought her own account with "Ask To Pay" enabled.



        The trouble is of course as neither my girlfriend or I use iOS devices we wouldn't recieve the notifications, so my question is: Is there an API or anything that would enable me to write a Windows 10 app to log into my account and receive and raise those notifications on my Windows Phone and allow me to accept or decline them?

        I'm very familiar with Windows Phone apps but have never really done any iOS development, I was having a look through the documentation available on the site here, but not really sure what I would want to be searching for, Could anyone give any advice or guidance as to whether this is possible or not?


        Thanks in advance