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        This is in reference to this thread on apple support forum. We are unable to get any WIFI sources listed through the iOS application, and we have also verified it for iOS 10 that has just been released.


        We have a requirement for our client who have developed a sports performance hardware that records athletes performance on field using Accelerometer, GPS and Heart rate monitor.


        The hardware device is capable of transferring data over WIFI.


        We need iOS application to connect to hardware device and download data from that device to  iOS mobile application.


        The iOS mobile application then uploads this data to web application for creating a Dashboard.


        It would be impossible to develop a solution that our client requires unless we get some inputs on this from your end.




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          iOS does not have a general-purpose Wi-Fi scanning API, nor does it have an API for you to manipulate the user’s Wi-Fi configuration.  There are some special-purpose APIs and techniques that can help in some specific circumstances, but it does not sound like they apply here.  I’m going to attempt to clarify that below but, before I do that, I want to define my terminology:

          • I’m going to use terms from my Wi-Fi Fundamentals.

          • I’m going to call your “hardware device” an accessory, to distinguish it from the iOS device itself.

          So, it’s sounds like your accessory has the following characteristics:

          • it creates its own Wi-Fi network (it’s an AP that publishes an SSID)

          • that network does not provide access to the wider Internet

          • you want you app to:

            1. scan for nearby SSIDs

            2. join the chosen SSID

            3. talk to your accessory

            4. restore the iOS device’s original SSID

          Is that correct?  If so, iOS does not have any APIs that can help you here.  Rather, you’ll have to use a very manual process:

          1. the user manually joins the accessory’s network in Settings

          2. they then switch to your app

          3. your app talks to the accessory

          4. the user then switches back to Settings to rejoin their original network

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