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        By the machine of Mac OS X EI Captain (10.11.6) / Xcode(8.0(8A218a)),


        there is executable binary file with the debugging symbol

        which was created by g++ -g - c <name> *.cpp .


        This can be debugged in lldb of the command line.


        I wants to debug this by the GUI of Xcode8, but is it possible?


        When possible, please tell me the procedure on Xcode8?



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          eskimo Apple Staff Apple Staff (13,945 points)

          To do this:

          1. create a new project from the External Build System template

          2. set the Build Tool for the target to /usr/bin/true, so it does nothing

          3. edit the scheme for that target such that it runs your tool (Product > Scheme > Edit Scheme > Run > Info > Executable)

          4. run it in normal way (Build > Run)

          If you want to set breakpoint in the code, add that code to your project.

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