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        It is top of CPU usage on on iMac27 but absent on my MacBook Pro - both running Sierra 10.12.   It is typically around 15-40% and 30% more CPU Time than kernel_task (next highest) over an extended period.


        Google search does not bring up very much and nothing useful that I could find...

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          CacheDelete is a subsystem within macOS that cleans up disk space in response to high-level demand for that space.  It’s the back end to the very-rarely-used CSDiskSpaceStartRecovery API.  CacheDelete has a plug-in mechanism whereby various system components can plug in to recover disk space associated with that component.  It looks like Xcode ships with an app extension that implements such a plug-in:

          $ find /Applications/Xcode.app -name IDECacheDeleteAppExtension.appex

          IMPORTANT While CSDiskSpaceStartRecovery is public API, this plug-in mechanism is not.

          I don’t know why this plug-in would be burning through CPU but the general strategy for things like this is:

          Please post your bug number here, just for the record.

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            My errors were pointing to something in /Applications/Xcode.app, so I just deleted Xcode.