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        Since a few days we are having big issues with CloudKit. We have a productive app which out of a sudden does not retrieve the data from the CloudKit public container anymore. It was working before without any problem but since a few days it is not working on iOS 9.3.5 and iOS 10.


        I checked on Stackoverflow and found out that there was a server issue on the side of Apple. But this issue should be fixed. Is anyone else having still the same problem?


        In the meantime I ported the App to Swift 3.0 and iOS 10. Somehow it is working in the simulator but not on an actual device. When I debug I always see the following error: "Internal Error" (1/4000); "Couldn't get a signing certificate". I use the same Apple ID in both setups (Simulator/Device). iCloud Drive is activated in all setups.


        We have recreated all provisioning profiles and deleted them from XCode but without a positive effect.


        What else can I try to fix this problem? Is anyone else still facing this issue?



        I just realized that the App is working with a mobile connection but not with WIFI. What can cause this problem? Is it an ipv6 issue?



        Thanks a lot!