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        How does one obtain crash reports uploaded to Apple for OS X apps?  A user reported a crash with one of my OS X apps, and said he shared the report with Apple.  Using XCode 8, I do not see any crash reports for that version or any version of my OS X app.  I do see crash reports for an iOS app in XCode.


        In iTunes connect, if I navigate to the current version of the OS X app, under the "App Store" tab there is a link for "Crash Reports" at the bottom of the page, but clicking this navigates to a generic FAQ for crash reports, and this has a link which explains how to view crash report in XCode for iOS apps.

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          I may have found my answer in Apple Technical Note TN2123: https://developer.apple.com/library/content/technotes/tn2004/tn2123.html


          CrashReporter currently has a number of limitations

          There is currently no way for third party developers to access the reports submitted via CrashReporter. Apple is aware that there is strong demand for such a facility (r. 3356232). In fact, various third party developers have implemented their own crash reporting mechanisms: these range from the simple (have the application look at its own crash log file at launch time; if it has changed, offer to submit it to the developer) to the exceeding complex (completely reimplement CrashReporter).


          This was last updated in 2008.