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        I've been using the Call Extension call blocking API since it was available in June without problem. However it is no longer working even with the offical 10.0.1 release.


        To verify it it not my app that has a mistake in it I did this:

        1) Create a new XCode project template app

        2) Create a  Call Directory Extension Target

        3) In the extension template code that Xcode generates, change the 14085555555 number in the addBlockingPhoneNumbers method to one of my own number (yes I know they must be registered in order, this number is Seattle area code so its 1206nnnnnnn and hence is in the correct order).

        4) Run the app, enable the extension, step through the extension code and confirm it is executing without problem


        Make a call from the blocked number -> the number is NOT blocked.


        Anybody else had this problem?

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          mungbeans Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

          After further experimentation I have discovered it only occurs on one phone. I attribute this to the Call Extension API still being very buggy and unstable even in released software.

          Many times during the past few months I have noticed more than one phone gets completely stuffed up - calls never ever ever get connected, blocked numbers aren't blocked, identified number remain identified forever even after being unregistered via the Call extension and even after the app is deleted etc.


          I am 100% utterly utterly convinced the Call Extension API can misbehave and permanently put the device into an unstable state which a restart does not fix and a factory data reset is necessary.

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              I’m sorry you’re having such a poor experience with this stuff.  I haven’t posted on this thread because I don’t have any direct experience with it.  However, my usual advice applies: if you can find a way to reproduce these problems, please do file a bug, and then post your bug number, just for the record.

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