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        I want to use a Python script that I have, which uses network protocolls to integrate with a Flux smart bulb, inside of a Swift app. I am able to use to file on OS X, but my goạl is to acess and use it inside of an iOS app. Do any of you know how to do this?

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          First up, administrivia.  I’ve taken the extraordinary measure of editing your post to include the text inline.  The “invalid characters” error you’re seeing was caused by the DevForums spam checker, which doesn’t like the word GOLF-OSCAR-ALPHA-LIMA.  Don’t ask me why or I’ll start to whimper.

          With regards your technical question, iOS does not include a built-in Python interpreter.  If you want to run Python scripts, you’ll have to build a Python interpreter into your app.  It’s perfectly possible to do this but I wouldn’t characterise it as easy.

          If you decide to go down this path make sure you understand clause 2.5.2 of the App Store Review Guidelines.

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