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        In my App I need to access FTP Server to download PDFs. The Server is SSL enabled and disabling it is not an option. I have been looking for an answer on the web for quite a long time now. Is there a solution?


        If not, how can I create my own package for it? I am new in Obj-C and Swift.




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          There is no native support for SFTP and Apple isn't really putting much effort in that area (the CFFTP API was deprecated with iOS 9).


          As you are new to Objective-C and Swift, your best bet is to find a third-party SFTP library that doesn't rely on CFFTPStream.  Creating a SFTP client is not a project for beginners.

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              There is no native support for SFTP …

              To be clear, SFTP and FTPS are completely different *cough* beasts, although IMO your advice applies accurately to both of them.

              If you have the choice, use SFTP.  FTPS fixes the security problems with FTP, but doesn’t fix all of its other deficiencies.

              Or, better yet, use HTTPS, which has lots of other benefits, not least of which is standard support in the OS.

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